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Do you want to know about Walter white education? If you are a series or tv show lover, you must hear the name of a famous series breaking bad. This is one of the blockbuster tv shows in the entire world. There is a favorite character named Walter white. Do you know his educational background? If you are a terrible breaking lover, you must know some specific news which people don’t know. If you want to know about him, then you are in the right place. 

Walter white real name 

Walter Hartwell White Sr is also known by his alias Heisenberg. The real name of Walter white is Bryan Cranston. This American actor has played so many tv shows. He is famous for his character name. People like to call him by his character name.

Walter White wife

Bryan Cranston biography 

He was born on March 7, 1956.his birthplace was Hollywood, California. Walter white education started in California. His father is Joseph Louis, and his mother’s name is Annalisa. His mother is a radio actor, and his father is an amateur boxer.

Bryan Cranston’s life was not so easy when Bryan Cranston was born. He grew up with his family problem. When he was 11 years old. Bryan Cranston’s father sold their house in a foreclosure. After that, he started to live in his grandfather’s house.

After that, he started his education life. Walter white education life started in California. His first job was he play an advertisement in 1980. From 1983 to 1985 is very important in his life. He starts his Cranston played ‘Douglas Donovan’ in the ‘ABC’ TV series. These series gain his popularity which helped to get more offers. 

Walter white education

He completed his graduation from Canoga Park High School. after that, and he got an associate’s degree in police science from his city Los Angeles. That time Bryan Cranstondream became a police officer. When he was a student, he realized that he had a soft corner into the theater. After that, he joins a theatre school. He completed his graduation in 1976.  After a long time, he becomes a legendary actor in the world

Walter white car

Walter white car name is Azteks. He and this 2004 model use this care for filing purposes. He sold this car for US$7,800. 

Walter white wife

Walter white name is Skyler White. She is also an actress. 

Walter white house

Walter White lives in New Mexico. His home is at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque. He lives with his wife and children. 

Walter White notable aliases Heisenberg

  • Heisenberg
  • Mr. Lambert
  • Mr. Mayhew
  • Walt Jackson
  • David Lynn


Education is one of the essential parts of anyone. He completed his schooling in California, and his background was theater. 

Breaking bad meme 

There is so many memes exist into the internet. but this one is my favorite.

Walter White meme

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